The Importance of Managed Computer Services in Sydney

Phillips IT offers customized Managed IT Services in Sydney that allow you to manage your IT budget in a much better way, even as it increases the reliability of all your IT systems.  Many companies have their In-House IT teams, and the services that we provide will fit in seamlessly with what the team handles for you and we provide:

  • Proactive IT Maintenance
  • Proactive IT Monitoring
  • IT Infrastructure/Network/Server/Cloud Support
  • End-User Computer Support
  • Managed Backups & Monitoring
  • IT Change & Asset Management
  • IT Hardware Maintenance
  • IT Systems Advice

The Working   of Managed IT Support Services Sydney

  • IT Support– We can provide either on-site or remote services. We have an expert mobile team of IT consultants who can provide on-site support as well as remote support from our office in Sydney CBD. This means all your IT issues get resolved in a much more efficient and quick manner. We take complete ownership of the problem and ensure that it is resolved efficiently.


  • Managed Backup & Monitoring – Backups & Disaster Recovery is something that every business needs. We prioritise the security of your data and monitor all the backup & action issues that can arise. This ensures the safety of your data and in case of an disaster- it can be recovered easily


  • IT Systems Advice – Today, this field is evolving at a very fast pace and becoming more complex too, and companies face a number of challenges with finding their own IT solutions. We very proactively monitor the market & review various products which helps us in providing  options and solutions that suit your requirements

We can provide you with Managed IT Services in Sydney for a flat monthly fee. For more information, contact Phillips IT on 02 8262 9900, or request a callback below.

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