Cloud Server Hosting Sydney

Customised Services for Cloud Server Hosting in Sydney

Phillips IT, has been providing a range of Business IT Support Services & Solutions, including Server Hosting in Sydney for the last 15 years. Running a business with a network of users and computers, requires efficient, reliable and affordable infrastructure to allow your staff to access applications and data on the server, as and when they require it. The capital expense (CAPEX) required to set up the infrastructure at your own location can be prohibitively expensive and time consuming.

There is an expense (CAPEX) attached to buying hardware and software (includes Battery backup power and hardware redundancy),  then having to set it up, as well as Disaster Recovery/backup systems  , in case you face any problems, and then at the end of the equipment’s service enable life the process is repeated. More businesses are now moving to Cloud Server Hosting in Sydney, due to the reliability, scalability and convenience factor that it offers. Cloud computing is the future of modern businesses. Cloud as a term is being used for pretty much everything these days; the ‘cloud’ is just a metaphor for the internet.

The Benefits

Organisations can share computer resources over the internet rather than having their own local servers and infrastructure. You get to leverage scale, redundancy and disaster recovery without the capital expense. To maximise the availability of your servers, with cloud hosted servers you get redundant hardware, redundant battery backup systems and redundant internet connections. You also get the ability to setup and test disaster recovery across geographic zones to ensure your system will be available even if there is a full datacentre outage. This reduces the overall expense that a small business spends on IT capital, it does away with the need to constantly follow the upgrade cycle and it reduces IT maintenance support costs. We can tailor make your virtual datacentre to provide you with the resources you need for your hosted servers and host your business on the cloud.

We provide Server Hosting in Sydney to micro, small as well as medium  businesses; you  can  easily and effectively access enterprise-grade technology without any of the associated capital expense, support and maintenance costs that are a part and parcel  of “in house” IT.  We will work closely with you to understand what your specific business requirements & personal preferences are. Once that has been ascertained, we will advise you on whether you can place all or just a part of your company’s IT infrastructure in the cloud.

Range of Services

With the vast experience we have in this space, we can manage the entire process for you or just help you as per your  requirements.  In addition to Hosted Servers in Sydney we provide a number of other services including:

  • Sydney & Australian-based data centres for the co-location of your physical IT infrastructure
  • Sydney and Australian-based shared & dedicated server hosting IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management Solutions)
  • BaaS (Backup as a Service) & Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • DaaS (Desktop As A Service)
  • Microsoft Cloud Hosting
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Email Continuity
  • Website Hosting
  • Email Archiving

Effective Cloud Server Solutions Sydney

In the current day business world, Cloud Server Hosting Sydney & Cloud Computing Sydney is a basic need for companies of any scale. It’s very simple- Cloud is the future of computing. Phillips IT operates out of Sydney CBD; we have been providing outstanding customised IT support services and solutions and various Cloud services to customers across the region. For more information, call us at 02 8262 9900. You can email us your queries and we will revert within the shortest possible time.