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Phillips IT is an IT consulting company based in the Sydney CBD. We have been providing flexible business IT support and solutions since 1999.

We are a Microsoft Silver Midmarket Solution Partner (since 2002) as well as a Microsoft Small Business Specialist with a team of engineers that are Microsoft Certified Professionals.

Our IT Support and Consulting Services offer flexibility where you can choose from :

We can support your current IT systems, both in the cloud and in your office(s), as well as offer IT solutions for :

  • Servers and Network Infrastructure (Servers, Networks, Firewalls, Computers/PC’s, Apple Mac’s, Mobile devices, …) – In house IT
  • Virtualisation, Redundancy and Consolidation – Hosted and/or In House or Hybrid
  • Cloud hosted servers and desktops. IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and DaaS (Desktop as a Service)
  • Cloud services – High availability, Disaster Recovery and Backups (BaaS), Email (Office 365, Google Apps), CRM, …
  • IT Monitoring – Servers, internet connections, cloud services and other important IT systems
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery – In house and/or Cloud
  • Please see our IT Solutions for further details and more solutions

We are conveniently located in the Sydney CBD at 605/267 Castlereagh St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

Please browse this website to read more about our Business IT Solutions and IT Support Services offerings and phone us on (02) 8262 9900 to see how we can help you.

Phillips IT provide a Newsletter and Blog to assist clients understand technology and it uses.

Our Blog topics include:

Range of Tech Support Solutions

We can support your existing computer networks / IT systems, in your office(s) & in the cloud.

We offer a range of computer solutions for:

  • Servers & Network Infrastructure – Networks, Servers, Firewalls, Switches, Routers etc – as In-house IT services
  • Computer Support – Apple Mac’s, PC’s/Personal Computers, Laptops, Mobile devices etc – End User Support
  • Virtualisation, Redundancy & Consolidation – These are In-house and /or Hosted/Hybrid
  • Cloud-hosted servers & desktops. IaaS & DaaS (Infrastructure as a service and Desktop as a service)
  • Cloud services – High-availability, Disaster Recovery & Backups, Email (Google Apps, Office 365) CRM
  • IT Monitoring of Servers, cloud services, internet connections & other crucial IT systems
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery – In house
  • IT Consulting – do you just need advice?

Different Service Options

We offer customers flexibility with choosing the service they need. On offer are:

  • IT Managed Services/Consulting with a Fixed Monthly Fee
  • IT Support Hours- Prepaid
  • Proactive IT Maintenance- all the Important IT-systems are proactively maintained
  • Pay-As-You-Go IT-Support / Ad Hoc computer & network Support
  • IT Support Services and consulting for Small Business
  • Apple Products Support

Meeting all IT Requirements

IT Support in Sydney is a specialised field. All companies, large and small require it in one way or another and the requirements of every company vary.  This is why you need to hire an IT consulting company that are IT Support Specialists in Sydney who will be able to provide you with consulting and customised solutions.

We provide IT technology support for a range of business types and sizes

Network Support includes tech support for ISP’s, Routers, Switches, Wireless/Wifi, VPN’s, WAN’s, NextG and computer networking.
Windows Support includes Windows Server support (Small Business Server and Windows Server.) as well as computer support and tablet/phone support.

What makes our services accessible is also the fact that we are very conveniently-located in Sydney CBD.  It simply means that when you need in-house services in a hurry, we can attend to them in the least possible time.

This easy accessibility and the fact that we provide comprehensive and detailed services in all the areas of IT installation and IT Support Maintenance in Sydney, makes us the one company that can effectively meet all your requirements.  For more information about our services, call Phillips IT on (02) 8262 9900.

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