The Benefits of IT Support Maintenance in Sydney

Most companies have an in-house IT infrastructure/ their IT system is hosted in the Cloud. Some companies used a combination of the two and the system you use will be based on your current and future IT requirements. Regardless of which system you use, Computer Maintenance in Sydney is something every company needs. Phillips IT are the experts who can provide you with proactive IT maintenance & IT system monitoring services.

The Importance of IT Maintenance in Sydney

  • Enhance the reliability and availability of the IT system you use
  • Maintenance provided on schedule which helps in keeping the systems healthy
  • Reduces high-cost IT system outages
  • Since monitoring is performed in real time, we are actively alerted in case something goes wrong and it gets fixed in time
  • Pay As You Go for day-to-day support & monthly fee for standard monitoring and management – This flexibility becomes very cost-effective as you get to choose the option that best suits your needs
  • Bundling options available as per your requirement

The Benefits

  • Keeps software at the current release levels- This helps in fixing bugs, adding enhancements & in updating security
  • Logs, system alerts & resource usage helps in identification of issues that might cause any outage, before it takes place
  • Helps in maintaining compatibility with the current standards & other IT systems
  • Optimum systems performance
  • Real-time alerts in case a resource is exceeding or approaching reliable levels- such as storage capacity, bandwidths, workloads, database sizes and queue lengths
  • Alerts about unavailability of resources such as Email, networks, websites, servers, databases, hosted systems and databases

IT Maintenance in Sydney is a crucial function and one that every small business needs and benefits from. For the best computing and cloud services in and around Sydney CBD, call Phillips IT on 02 8262 9900 today.