Proactive Computer Maintenance and IT Monitoring Services

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Regardless of whether you have your own in house IT Infrastructure, or whether your IT is hosted in the Cloud, or if you are using a combination of the two, Phillips IT can provide proactive IT maintenance and IT systems monitoring services.

Why do you need Proactive IT Maintenance and/or IT Systems Monitoring?

Proactive IT maintenance and IT monitoring are services and tools that increase IT system reliability and availability.

Proactive IT maintenance helps keep your systems healthy and reduces expensive IT system outages. It is performed on a schedule.

IT systems monitoring actively alerts us when an outage may occur or has occurred. It is performed in realtime. These realtime alerts can reduce the number system outages (by us actioning warning alerts) and reduce the total time of a system outage (by being aware of the outage sooner and having more details on the event).

Proactive IT monitoring and maintenance, with our break/fix IT support service, allows you to pay as you go for your day to day IT support, whilst keeping important IT systems monitored and maintained for a fixed monthly fee.

Phillips IT also bundle, for a fixed monthly IT services fee, Proactive Computer Maintenance and IT Systems Monitoring with IT Support Services as IT Managed Services. Please see our IT Managed Services page for more information.

What can you expect from Proactive Computer Maintenance and IT systems monitoring?

  • Proactive IT maintenance keeps software at current release levels, which can fix bugs, add enhancements and update security.
  • IT maintenance can identify issues that may cause an outage before it happens – by checking logs, system alerts and resource usage.
  • With the current pace of change of IT, IT maintenance helps keep your IT systems compatible with current standards and other IT systems.
  • IT maintenance allows your systems to perform as they are meant to.
  • IT monitoring alerts us in realtime if a resource is approaching or exceeding reliable levels – including storage capacity and workloads, CPU, bandwidth, queue lengths, database sizes
  • IT Monitoring will alert us when a resource is unavailable – Email, websites, networks, servers, databases, hosted systems
  • IT Monitoring will alert us if an imminent outage is detected so preventative action can be undertaken

How does proactive computer maintenance work?

  • Important business IT services and hardware are identified
  • IT system maintenance requirements and schedule are defined (can include active monitoring)
  • A fixed monthly fee for the maintenance of the important items is agreed to
  • Phillips IT proactively maintains the agreed important equipment and services, for the agreed fixed monthly fee, at the agreed schedule.
  • All IT support costs are on a PAYG/break fix basis billed at the end of each month.

How does IT System Monitoring work?

  • Important business IT services and hardware are identified
  • IT system monitoring requirements are defined, including alert handling
  • A fixed monthly fee for the monitoring of the important items is agreed to
  • Phillips IT actively monitor the agreed important equipment for the agreed fixed monthly fee.
  • Alert actions
    • If an alert from a monitored system indicates maintenance is required, and you have a maintenance agreement for the system, then Phillips IT will undertake the maintenance required
    • For all other monitor alerts Phillips IT will follow the agreed alert handling procedure
  • All IT support costs are on a pay as you go/break fix basis billed at the end of each month.

Some of the items we can maintain and/or monitor include physical servers, virtual servers, hosted servers, computers, networks, sites, network devices, websites, backup systems, applications, email systems, databases, asset registers and software licenses

Please give us a call on 02 8262 9900 to arrange a time for us to visit your office to discuss how we can help make your IT systems more reliable.

  • Why Outsource IT Support/Management?

    Outsourcing (Also known as IT Outsourcing, Computer Outsourcing, Network Outsourcing or IT Managed Services)

    • Lets you focus on running your business, not your IT
    • Reduces in house IT staff management challenges – including training, leave and turnover
    • Gives you access to a certified team of experts – not an individual employee.
    • Allows you to leverage off lessons learnt from products and problems resulting in better product advise and faster problem resolution
    • You can scale your IT resources to your needs.
    • Get what you need when you need it, without the staff overheads.
    • You can afford to hire best-in-class expertise.
    • Having the best people working on your system means you get the best out of it – more up-time, and optimum performance.
    • Having the right people advise on your systems means you get the best solutions for your needs and budget.
  • Labtech

    Remote Monitoring and Management Platform

    To monitor and manage your IT systems we use the remote monitoring and management platform LabTech, which is part of the ConnectWise ModernOffice suite. It is designed to perform almost all IT support and maintenance tasks remotely, efficiently and non-intrusively.

    IT Asset Management

    Identify, audit and manage workstations, servers, printers and routers. Group assets by operating system, application or location for ease of management.

    Mobile Device Management

    Manage Apple iOS and Google Android platform IT mobile devices with smooth enrollment, configuring, monitoring and reporting functions.

    Multivendor Storage and Backup Dashboard

    Manage data protection environments from single or multiple vendors and multiple locations from a central console. Easily perform on-demand actions including disabling, enabling, creating, editing, deleting, starting or cancelling backup jobs.

    Remote Control

    Simplify support by letting technicians control remote computers, servers, and network devices over the internet or on the network.

    Storage and Backup Management

    Accurately monitor backup job status in real time, from a centralized dashboard. Perform on-demand actions such as disable, enable, create, edit, delete, start or cancel backup jobs.

    To see all of the features of LabTech please see their website