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At Philips IT, we’ve been a Microsoft Small Business Specialist since 2006, specialising in IT support and Solutions for micro, small and midsize businesses. We offer comprehensive IT support for Cloud, Hybrid and in-house systems.

With over 15 years of providing IT support and services for small businesses in Sydney, we understand the budget and time pressures small businesses can experience. We offer flexible IT support options and solutions that increase the reliability and productivity of your IT systems, so you can concentrate on your business, not your IT.

Our level of involvement is up to you. We do like to be proactive though, as maintaining your systems will keep them healthy and reliable. We offer a “whole of solution approach” (where we can recommend, supply and support all of your IT related equipment and services), giving you one point of contact for your IT service needs.

Our flexible IT support options for micro, small and mid-sized businesses include:

IT Managed Services allows your IT systems to be managed, monitored and supported by our specialists for a fixed monthly fee. Our Proactive IT Maintenance Services allows identified important IT systems (servers, backups, firewalls, etc.) to be monitored and maintained by our team at Phillips IT for a fixed monthly fee. All other IT maintenance and IT support can then be covered by Pay As You Go Support. This option is popular with micro and small businesses in Sydney.

Pay As You Go IT Support Services (PAYG) is a break/fix service where you call us when you need us (no contracts or lock in deals). PAYG consulting work is charged at our Ad Hoc rates. We also offer a discounted rate for not-for-profit organisations, as well as discounted rates for pre-purchased IT support hours.

Small Business Cloud, Hosted and In-House IT Support Services

As part of our small business IT support services, we can provide Pay As You Go IT Support, Proactive IT Maintenance Services or Managed IT Services support and monitoring for your in-house IT infrastructure (Servers, Networks, Computers). We also provide Cloud services and other hosted solutions for micro, small and mid-size businesses.

Small Business IT Solutions

Since 1999, we’ve been providing the best IT support and solutions that are customised to the needs of our clients. We have been an integral part of many companies’ growth by providing scalable and reliable systems. For example, Valad Property Group became a support and services client with just 4 staff members. Over the following 7 years they grew to 250+ staff located in several states of Australia. During that time, we provided all of their IT systems and services which not only supported their business, but our services have allowed them to grow. Valad have since taken their business global and needed to change to a global IT provider.

The IT solution options for small businesses are almost limitless. Our experience allows us to match current IT solutions with your business needs and objectives, whether it be Cloud, Hosted, Hybrid or in-house. We understand the limitations of the different technologies and what that may mean to your business. Our experts have access to all of the major distributors in Australia for hardware and software supply. We partner with several hosting providers in Australia, including international companies with local data centres (Microsoft Windows Azure and Amazon), so we have flexibility in the options and prices for various hosting and colocation services. We also resell and support various Cloud services such as Office 365. No matter what the needs of your business are, we have most IT solution options covered.

If you would like to know more about how our team at Phillips IT can help your micro, small or mid-size business with IT support and solutions in Sydney, don’t hesitate to call us on (02) 8262 9900 to find out more. You can arrange a free onsite visit to discuss your business’ IT requirements, so we can tailor an IT solution that fits your needs and budget.

  • ConnectWise

    Business Management Platform

    To allow us to better manage your IT systems, our experts at Phillips IT use ConnectWise Modern Office. The ConnectWise platform fully integrates business-process automation, help desk and customer service, sales, marketing, project management, and business analytics to streamline our operations. Below are some of the features that are part of the ConnectWise platform.

    Help Desk & Customer Service

    The powerful ticketing module in ConnectWise enables us to easily and efficiently track all service requests, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Service tickets in ConnectWise can be created in a variety of ways. The integration of LabTech remote monitoring and management enables monitored systems to create service tickets automatically.


    ConnectWise organises client relationships around one system, helping us manage all accounts with efficiency, accountability and visibility.

    Project Management

    To assist with IT projects, ConnectWise provides executive-level, real-time project reporting.

    Workflow Automation

    Automated workflows within ConnectWise can improve your IT reliability by immediately resolving IT issues without any human intervention. Workflows also ensure tickets are actioned as per SLA’s and escalated as required.

    To see what features and automation ConnectWise offer, please see their website

  • Labtech

    Remote Monitoring and Management Platform

    To monitor and manage your IT systems, we use the remote monitoring and management platform LabTech, which is part of the ConnectWise ModernOffice suite. It is designed to perform almost all IT support and maintenance tasks remotely, efficiently and non-intrusively.

    IT Asset Management

    Identify, audit and manage workstations, servers, printers and routers. Group assets by operating system, application or location for ease of management.

    Mobile Device Management

    Manage Apple iOS and Google Android platform IT mobile devices with smooth enrollment, configuring, monitoring and reporting functions.

    Multivendor Storage and Backup Dashboard

    Manage data protection environments from single or multiple vendors and multiple locations from a central console. Easily perform on-demand actions including disabling, enabling, creating, editing, deleting, starting or cancelling backup jobs.

    Remote Control

    Simplify support by letting technicians control remote computers, servers, and network devices over the internet or on the network.

    Storage and Backup Management

    Accurately monitor backup job status in real-time from a centralised dashboard. Perform on-demand actions such as disable, enable, create, edit, delete, start or cancel backup jobs.

    To see all of the features of LabTech, please visit their website.