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Phillips IT have been providing business network infrastructure support services and solutions for over 15 years.

We have been a Microsoft Certified Partner since 2002 (Silver Midmarket Solutions Provider) and a Microsoft Small Business Specialist since 2006

We offer complete IT solutions and support services for in house and end user IT systems, as well as hosted systems, hybrid IT, colocation and cloud services. Please see our IT Solutions.

Our IT infrastructure solutions are tailored around your business. After defining your business requirements, including reliability, growth, continuity, security, mobility and budget, we will discuss IT solution options and their merits, and then we will customise an IT solution for you.

IT Monitoring and IT support services are available for our network infrastructure solutions

Network Infrastructure | Servers

Phillips IT have server solutions that range from a NAS through to fully redundant high availability systems.

For micro and small business clients that do not need a Windows server, we offer a NAS server solution with the option to automatically backup to a datacentre or Phillips IT’s office.

We have single server solutions, with or without virtualisation, multiple server solutions with local and/or shared storage, as well as redundant, clustered high availability solutions.

For clients that need to extend their IT outside their office we can setup a hybrid system, that securely connects your office servers/infrastructure with hosted virtual servers, in your own secure virtual datacentre.

Network Infrastructure | Backups and Disaster Recovery

Phillips IT have backup and disaster recovery solutions with and without the cloud.

We will define your backup and disaster recovery business requirements and match cloud and non cloud technologies with those requirements. We can put together your disaster recovery plan, manage your backups for a fixed fee or PAYG basis and perform disaster recovery and backup recovery testing.

Our fully automated cloud based backup solutions do not require user involvement – no more swapping tapes and/or disks.

We offer a backup virtual boot service that allows a server, that has been backed up to the cloud, to be started in a hosted virtual environment, providing a fast recovery option after a site disaster.

For businesses where IT outages are a significant business risk, we can setup a multisite redundant system with continuity.

Network Infrastructure – Security

Network security is a very important part of the IT connected world.

Phillips IT can secure your individual systems, networks and hosted services and provide secure remote access to your systems.

Security includes: Firewalls, intrusion detection, packet inspection, VPNs, Antivirus, backups, Anti Malware

Network Infrastructure – Networks

Phillips IT can support your existing network as well as provide network solutions.

We can securely connect multiple offices via the internet or by private networks.

We can provide ADSL (approx 17/0.8 Mbps), unlimited EFM 10/10 Mbps and 20/20 Mbps as well as unlimited 100/100Mbps fibre for connections to the internet as well as private networks.

We can provide secure access to your IT systems for mobile staff

The most important aspects of any IT network are productivity and reliability. Unfortunately, reliable and effective networks come at a cost. The trick is to know what costs are justified and which ones can be avoided. Phillips IT can help guide you through the options and recommend appropriate solutions.

We will help you identify your needs, plan a solution and deploy the right equipment. We will make installing or upgrading your IT cost-effective and stress free.

Our IT Network Infrastructure solutions and services can include:

  • Backups – A critical component of all IT systems. We offer various backup solutions and procedures to help ensure you are safe against accidents and system failures
  • Disaster Recovery/Documentation – If your system fails you need to be able to get back online and working as soon as possible. Having a sound backup regime, procedures and effective documentation provides the best opportunity for recovering your systems quickly and efficiently, reducing the impact on your business and stress. We can check your existing documentation or review and document your system for you.
  • Network Audit – establishing what you have installed and how it is configured as well as identifying efficiency/stability/security opportunities
  • Network Design & Implementation – this is where, after consultation, we plan, design, supply and implement your new IT network
  • Systems Health Check – we can run checks on your IT system to test network security, back-up effectiveness, capacity and issues
  • SOE (Standard Operating Environment) Development – designing a software environment that is consistent for staff and reduces time for maintenance, software upgrades, and future software deployments
  • Storage – Some businesses generate minimal data, whilst others generate, well, a lot! We help you review and plan your storage needs to avoid reaching disk and backup capacity or wasting money on band-aid or inadequate mid to long term solutions
  • Advanced Escalation Consulting – expert consulting and support services, for when a situation exceeds your internal capabilities
  • Network Cabling – We can make recommendations and install the cabling solution that suits both your business and your budget.

Please call us on 02 8262 9900 so that we can discuss your IT infrastructure and how Phillips IT can help your business.

  • Over 15 years of IT solutions

    Microsoft Silver Midmarket Solutions Provider Partner

    Phillips IT are a Microsoft Certified Partner – Silver Midmarket Solutions Provider (since 2002)

    Microsoft Small Business Specialist

    We have been a Microsoft Small Business Specialist since 2006


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