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The Vital Role of IT Support Specialists and Maintenance in Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you carry a very heavy burden as you have to manage every single aspect of your business and the responsibility of everything that occurs in the operations of your company is always yours. This is also why it’s crucial that you be aware of every single aspect of your business and what is involved in it. It’s also why you hire expert staff to handle different things in your company.
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The Role of Information Technology Support in a Small Business

Small business owners carry a heavy burden on their shoulders. In many ways, they are the be all and end all of their business. They have to take the onus for everything that occurs within their little set up, and are answerable for everything that happens or doesn’t happen in their business. With this in view, they need to be on their toes all the time and should be aware about how the different aspects of their company work and what is involved in them.
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Why Choose a Good IT Support Company?

Every small business owner has a lot to tackle. You have to manage all your employees, the sales & marketing aspects, your business website, procurements as well as accounting etc. In simple words, you have a great deal on your plate and you can falter on nothing. You need to be on your toes all the time and ensure that everything is running smoothly. While all these are very important things, what is probably even more important is that all the computing and hardware systems that are used in your business, function at optimum levels at all times.

The other fact is that, it isn’t an easy task to ensure this. Though you may have a tech-savvy employee or two, who would be able to handle and fix some small problems that crop up in these systems, they may not have the expertise to tackle any major IT problems that surface. A downtime on these systems can mean a business impact and leads to an impact to your reputation and profitability. Apart from this, when you expect your internal employees to handle these tasks, it hampers their productivity.

How you benefit

The one way to avoid all these problems is to opt for the services of a company that specialises in providing IT Support.  When you hire an experienced and reliable company, you can rest assured that they have all your IT needs covered. This takes a lot of stress off your shoulders and you are able to run your business in a more efficient manner. There are a number of benefits to opting for IT Support:

  • It increases the productivity of your staff. When they have systems that work efficiently, it helps them work efficiently too. And like we mentioned earlier, once you outsource this job, you’re in house team doesn’t have to worry about tackling these problems and this also adds to their productivity
  • When you have well maintained IT systems, it increases their longevity and provides higher return on investment. As a small business, you don’t have large amounts of capital to divert towards buying new systems and its best to ensure that the ones you have are maintained and serviced well
  • Having efficiently functioning systems adds to your reputation. No client wants to deal with a company that consistently proffers excuses like their systems are not functioning and that this is causing delays in their service
  • A good IT Support company also provides professional consultation. There are just too many technological advances taking place and these systems and changes can be very difficult for you to keep up with or understand. When you have certified IT professionals handling this aspect, they provide you advice & support ; this helps you keep up with these advancements and you are able to use them to your advantage
  • Having the right IT Support Company managing this task ensures that your systems are protected from hackers and potential threats will be dealt with immediately & efficiently.

For more information about what our IT Support Company can do for you, call Phillips IT on 02 8262 9900 or use this email to send us your queries.

Why Opt for Information Technology Support?

Owners of small businesses are very busy people. Not only are they trying to get their business on its feet and keep their heads above water, but they also juggle just too many roles. This makes it crucial for them to find ways and means of finding the right people to do the right job. The Catch 22 situation here is that though every job has to be done right by qualified people who are trained for it, the business owner doesn’t have the luxury of large capital in the manner that big and well-established businesses do. This is also why they aren’t able to employ full-time staff for every role.

How IT support is important

This is all the more relevant when it comes to IT support. Though you may have some staff that can handle some basic IT issues, they may not have the skill or the knowledge to tackle more complex  computing and hardware requirements or problems  that crop up.  This makes it important for you as a business owner to hire the services of a company that can provide you with high grade IT support. Regardless of the industry you operate in, you do need computers and related systems and you also rely very heavily on them. This means a downtime on any of these systems will surely impact your profitability.

How you benefit

The best way to circumvent all these problems is to hire the services of a local and reliable IT Support company that will be able to provide you customised solutions that match the requirements of your business. Once you do this, it will help in a number of ways:

  • You will  find that your staff is able to focus on their main job and they will be able to do that better
  • They will be less stressed and less strapped for time and their productivity will improve
  • You will get the right support and advice about how to use the latest IT to your advantage
  • The company will set up the right system support and ensure that your computers and information is safe from hackers. They constantly check the systems and ensure everything is as it should be
  • Most IT companies provide 24/7 support and this gives you peace of mind that in case of downtime , they will come and fix the issue without delay

While looking for a company that provides Information Technology support, you should choose wisely.  Conduct some research and look for one that provides customised solutions, 24/7 support and maintains reasonable pricing. They should be able to provide the whole gamut of services including on-site, Cloud & off-site support, Network Infrastructure and IT monitoring services as well as backup and disaster recovery etc.

Phillips IT is a company that has carved a niche for itself in this space and we provide solutions that work perfectly for our customers. For more information, simply contact us at 02 8262 9900. You can also email us your queries about our IT support and we will revert shortly.

IT Support Services Can Be Beneficial

Every small business owner juggles a number of different roles.  You have the day-to-day operations of your company to handle and the sales and marketing is your responsibility too. You have to manage your website and keep an eye on payroll and recruiting as well. In addition to this, you have a lot of hardware and software in the office and are constantly worried about whether it will work properly or not. Most businesses are highly dependent on their computing and networking systems and a downtime on these can also mean a loss of productivity and profitability.


The Benefits

The one way to avoid all this hassle and undue trouble is to opt for IT Support Services from a reputed company. There are a number of benefits to this including:

  • Productivity– As mentioned earlier, your business relies very heavily on your computing systems and when you have expert professionals looking after these systems, you have fewer worries with regards to a downtime. They ensure your systems are working optimally and this adds to the productivity of your staff.
  • Professional Consultation– While some companies do have internal technical staff, they may not have the expertise and the knowhow to handle every aspect of IT for a company. On the other hand, when you opt for professional IT Support Services, you are assured that they will provide you the right support and advice and will help you choose the right technology, based on your business needs. This helps in advancing your business.
  • Security– Today, it’s not uncommon for computing and networking systems to be attacked by hackers and it’s crucial that you keep these systems safe. A company that provides IT support will also handle round-the-clock surveillance of the systems. In case they find any potential threats, they will deal with them promptly and efficiently.


Call the Experts

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to choosing the right IT Support Services for your company. Though there are a number of companies that provide these services, it’s important that you make your choice of company, with care. We are the experts who go the extra mile to ensure that your hardware and software systems are updated and secure.  We at Phillips IT have been in this business for over 15 years and provide outstanding on-site, hybrid and Cloud support.

In addition, we provide Network Infrastructure, Disaster Recovery & Backup, Cloud Hosted Servers etc. We understand that every business has different IT requirements, and so we work closely with you to understand what your requirements are and provide a range of comprehensive solutions that work perfectly for you.

For more information or to discuss the different options we can offer, call Phillips IT on this number- 02 8262 9900. You can also send us your queries and requirements through email and we will respond within the shortest possible time. Call us and speak with our experts today.





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