Ad Hoc IT Support Services with no contracts or commitments

Pay As You Go IT Support | PAYG IT Support | Ad Hoc IT Support | Break Fix IT Support | Technical Support

Whilst Phillips IT offer full IT Managed Services, we realise that not all business need or want that level of support.

Pay As You Go IT technical support services can be truly ad hoc/break fix (you contact us when you need us), or it can also include proactive IT maintenance and monitoring services (we proactively maintain and monitor important infrastructure and/or we can proactively monitor some, or all of your IT systems, and contact you when action is required). Please see Proactive IT Maintenance further details.

Pay As You Go IT Tech Support is used by companies for many different reasons, some are :

  • They have no internal IT technical support
  • They have internal technical support but are unable to resolve an issue
  • They have internal IT support but are unable to get to the site
  • Their tech support is on leave or unavailable
  • They have a project or peak in IT support requirements and need IT support overflow
  • They need external technical advice and direction
  • They need an independent review or audit
  • They do not have high or regular IT support requirements

If you know you might need IT tech support urgently we also offer standby services.

Phillips IT understand Not For Profit companies have limited IT budgets and we offer discounted Not For Profit IT support rates.

We do not require pre payments (although blocks of support can be purchased at a discount rate) or contracts, simply call us when you need us on 02 8262 9900. We are here to help.