IT Solutions

What are the Different Types of IT Solutions that a Business Requires?

Regardless of how big or small your business is, and the industry you operate in, you must be using a certain amount of computing and networking systems. This also means you have to ensure that they are always maintained well and upgraded as required.  When you look at it in totality, this is no mean feat, and the one way to be assured that the systems will get the right support is to opt for IT Solutions from Phillips IT.

We are a company that has proved its mettle in this space and cater to micro, small as well as midsize businesses; and provide in–house, Cloud and Hybrid IT Solutions such as:

      • Network Infrastructure/Servers– We provide a range of server solutions ranging from NAS to high availability and fully-redundant systems. If you are a small business owner and don’t require a Windows server, our NAS solution is the ideal choice. There is an option to automatically back-up to Phillips IT’s office or a datacenter.We can provide multiple server solution with shared and/or local storage as well as single server solutions; these could be with/ without virtualisation. If you a need to expand you IT reach outside your office, we can set-up a dynamic Hybrid system; this very securely connects the infrastructure/servers with hosted virtual servers. These will be set in your secure virtual datacenter.
      • Network Infrastructure/ Back-ups & Disaster Recovery- We provide excellent backup & disaster recovery solutions; these could be with & without the cloud. We first understand what your business requirements are and then expertly match non-cloud and cloud IT Solutions with those requirements.  You can choose between our Pay-as-You –Go or Fixed Fee option to design your disaster recovery plan, and manage your backups too.
      • Network Infrastructure/Security- No IT system can be said to be complete without good Network Security. We have the expertise to secure hosted services, networks as well as individual systems; we also provide very secure remote access to these systems. The security solutions we provide include packet inspection, intrusion detection, firewalls, backups, Antivirus, VPNs as well as Anti-Malware.
      • Network Infrastructure/Networks- We can also support existing IT network and provide excellent network solutions. If you require connecting multiple offices via private networks or the Internet, we can do that too. Your mobile staffs also needs to have secure access to your company’s IT Systems and we provide those solutions as well.

Customised Solutions

While we provide the best IT Solutions, we also work closely with you to identify which costs are justified & the ones that are avoidable. We provide the right advice and help you make choices that fit well into your budget. In addition, we also provide solutions such as Network Audits, Network Design & Implementation, Systems Health Check, SOE Development, Storage, Advanced Escalation Consulting and Network Cabling. In short, we are the IT Solutions Company that provides comprehensive services that are in sync with your business needs. For more information, call Phillips IT at 02 8262 9900. You can also send us your queries via email.