IT Support Services

The Importance of Using IT Support Services

Phillips IT is one of the leading and most reputed companies in the space. We are the specialists who provide excellent IT Solutions & IT Support to micro, small as well as midsize businesses; these are for in–house, Cloud and Hybrid.

We have over 15 years of experience behind us and understand the kind of time and budget constraints that small businesses experience. Our solutions are always customised to suit your business requirements and they help increase the productivity and reliability of the IT systems you are using; this helps you focus on your business in a much better way.

Comprehensive IT Support Services

We recommend, supply as well as support all your IT related services and equipment. This is a major convenience for you as you don’t have to coordinate with different IT Support Services’ providers for your different needs. We provide IT support options including:

  • IT Managed Services
  • Excellent Proactive IT Maintenance Services
  • Convenient Pay As You Go IT Support Services (PAYG). This could be with/without the Pre Paid Hours discount

Our flexible IT Managed Tech Services allow managing your budget in a much better way; what’s even more important is that our services help increase the reliability of these systems. While some companies do have an in-house IT infrastructure, many don’t. There are some companies which prefer using Cloud services while others prefer using Hybrid Solutions.  No matter what your requirement, we are the one company that can provide you the kind of services you need, at the most cost-effective price points.

Value for Money

Our fixed monthly fee-based IT Managed Technical Services include:

  • Proactive IT Maintenance
  • Proactive IT Monitoring
  • Server Managed Services
  • End-User Computer Tech Support
  • IT Infrastructure/Network/Server/Cloud Technical Support
  • Managed Backups & Monitoring
  • IT Systems Advice
  • IT Change & Asset Management
  • Onsite & Remote Services
  • IT Hardware Maintenance

Pay As You Go- Convenient IT Support Services

Many customers opt for our excellent Pay As You Go support services. You can request for our services as and when you need them and this helps you keep a handle on IT Support Services’ costs. Companies opt for these services because they may not have any internal IT Technical Support or the internal team may not be able to solve a particular issue. At times their internal staff may be unavailable or may have gone on leave and they request for our services. Some  companies  find  the need  for  our IT Support  Solutions when  there is an overflow  of work and their own staff  can’t handle it without  help.

Regardless of what your IT Support Services’ requirement is, we can provide you the kind of solutions you need. We provide Cloud support as well as on site support and offer a range  of solutions such as Servers and Network Infrastructure, Cloud hosted servers and desktops, Cloud services, IT Monitoring and Backup and Disaster Recovery etc.   For more information, call Phillips IT at 02 8262 9900. You can also send us your queries via email.