Up and coming technologies – September 2014

This month in Up and Coming Technologies we will be discussing the very exciting trend of Windows based business tablets.


When most people think tablets they think of iPads and Android tablets. These are great for games and general content consumption, but at the end of the day they are just overgrown mobile phones with relatively low power and capability.


Technology is maturing and there is huge potential for business tablets with proper PC power. There is now a full range of Windows 8 touch screen tablet computers that are fully compatible with all your business applications. We are not talking about just web-email and word, these tablets can access your database, accounting software and even the full version of Outlook running on easy-to-carry touch screen devices with built in 4G internet!


There are dozens of options to choose from, from small 8 inch tablets to fully convertible tablets that attach to keyboards and function just like a normal lightweight laptop. We have called out some of our favourites below.


Lenovo ThinkPad 8:  at 8 inches, this is perfect for getting the full functionality of Outlook on the road, as well as lounging around on the couch surfing the web.


Dell Venue Pro 11: One of the convertible options is the 11 inch Dell Venue Pro 11. Imagine being able to pull the screen off the top of your current laptop and continue what you are doing on the touch screen, this exists today!


Microsoft Surface Pro 3: named the “laptop killer”, the Surface Pro 3 comes with a 3:2 screen at just over 12 inches it is the first hybrid tablet to truly take on the business laptop. With a light weight snap on keyboard, you can take it with you anywhere and be as productive as you would with any other laptop, with the added bonus of turning it into a large touch screen tablet weighing in at only 800g. The Surface Pro 3 is available now.