Why You Need Server Specialists

Have you experienced problems with your server lately? It is estimated that one in every three businesses in Sydney experience server problems which results in loss of business. While most big businesses that use a number of servers may have a dedicated team of their own to manage the load, backup and other aspects of running a server, this approach is not practical for most small and medium businesses. That said there are many small and medium businesses that rely on their servers to perform a number of tasks but without server specialists at their side, they run the risk of experiencing lots of down time if there is a problem. So, this is where our specialists come in.

Server specialists

At Phillips IT, we specialize in working with all types of servers. So, regardless of if you have a Linux server, or one running Windows we can help to maintain and ensure that it runs flawlessly. It really goes without saying that running a server is often a difficult and complicated task. There are so many things that can go wrong and not having a specialist continuously monitoring, updating and fixing minor issues means that you will run into big problems all of a sudden. This is why our team of specialists continue to monitor your servers, and arrive at your office when there is a problem so that you suffer from little or no downtime.

Setting up and troubleshooting

As server specialists in Sydney we specialize in everything from setting up a brand new server, connecting everything to it so that you can start operating it, to troubleshooting errors and various other problems. We understand the fact that the first step to ensuing that your chances of experiencing server errors or problems is to get it setup by a team of professionals the first time around. This is why if  you are in the process of buying a server we can help you get it setup when you make the purchase (of course you can purchase the server from Phillips IT as well giving you only one point of contact for your IT needs). We can troubleshoot various errors or problems that you may be experiencing with a server already setup in your office based on the type of load and work that it handles. There is no server problem that we cannot fix and there is no server system that is too complex for us to handle. So, you can be rest assured that we will handle everything for you in an efficient and timely manner.

So, if you need to hire server specialists in Sydney who have a track record of fixing various types of servers and dealing with problems then feel free to call 02 8262 9900, or email to info@phillipsit.com.