Your IT Consultants & IT Maintenance

Every business from that small coffee house down the street to an international advertising agency, needs to know that they can rely on their computers to perform without a hitch. However, even the most well thought of and designed network of computers can at times be problematic. While some computer systems may suffer from small outages others can suffer from a crippling cyber attack because their firewalls were not properly configured or because the network’s software was not up to date. At Phillips IT, our job as IT consultants and IT maintenance professionals is to make sure that your computers never go dark and in the event it does, we make sure that its fixed with the minimum of downtime suffered by your business.

Experienced professionals

At Phillips IT we have been providing IT maintenance and consultation for a very long time. Over the years we have grown our team with some of the most competent and talented young people in the industry. This allows us to help almost every business in Sydney regardless of the problem they may be facing. We are also able to work in order to ensure that your computers continue to function by preventing potential outages and cyber attacks. This helps to save you time, money and frustration.

Support both in the cloud and at your office

As the leading IT consultants and IT maintenance experts we have the ability to provide you with top of the line IT support both in the cloud as well as in your office. We can ensure that your servers, firewalls, mobile devices, WiFi, computers and everything else in house is functioning as it should. We also check virtualization, consolidation, and redundancy of all your systems. In addition, we run a thorough diagnostic on your cloud hosted servers and desktops, check your cloud services to ensure its available and to help recover from disasters via a backup/Disaster Recovery system in the shortest period of time. Our state of the art IT monitoring services ensures that your cloud services, internet and servers are all running optimally so your business never has to suffer from downtime.

No system too complex for us to handle

We have over the years handled just about any and all IT systems professionally and without a hiccup. Our team of experts ensure that regardless of the complexity of your IT systems we can ensure that its configured optimally as well as recover from data loss and from other issues in a short period of time. Though some problems can be more complex and time consuming we still make sure that it’s handled in the best possible way.

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